I offer a wide range of services after more than 20 years working with music. Music is music. It's supposed to feel good. 

I've worked with bands like In Flames, Ghost, Starset, Love & Death, MCC, Tid, Dead Soul, Three Days Grace, Tikkle Me, Markus Krunegård, Riddarna, If Anything Suspicious, Jonathan Young, Diamante, Manafest, Rob Graves, Howard Benson, The Killing Tapes, Witchery, Maim, Keith Wallen, Me and that man, The Great Discord, Hello Heartland, Dear Mother, Pink Milk and many more. For a full credit list click here

I work from my own studio in Åtvidaberg. A purpose built mix and mastering studio built in 2020. I also record from here. It's comfortable studio with a dry 70s kind of sound. If I need a different sound for the recording I have connections and go elsewhere to record.

Most projects are handled over file sharing but depending on the project I invite people here or travel myself.


Digital singles are priced at:

1200 sek + VAT / €120 + VAT / $150

For EPs, albums, CD/Vinyl or any special requests contact me.


I mix just about any type of music. If I don't think I can do the job I will let you know.

Depending on the project prices range from €300-€600 per song. 


If you need a producer and you thought of me we need to talk for a while to figure out what you actually need. 

Depending on the project prices range from €200-€2000 per song but are more commonly negotiated per project/album.


I've done programming for Ghost, In Flames, Witchery, Starset, MCC, Dead Soul, Tikkle Me and many more. I have some classic analog keyboards but use software when appropriate. 

Depending on the project prices range from €200-€500 per song

Guitar work

If you want me to play guitar on a track think twice. I can only play like me. But I'm very good at that. I guess you have to know my style of playing before you ask me to play on any of your songs. Check out Dead Soul or my solo albums for that.

Depending on the project prices range from €200-€500 per song


Drum editing, vocal tuning or just editing in general. If you need me to clean up your track, contact me and specify your needs. 

Depending on the project prices range from €100-€400 per song.


Recording at my studio costs €500 per day including studio time and me (8 hours + lunch). I have a collection of instruments we can use and I'm available as a musician as well. My studio fits my needs perfectly but if I think your music benefit from another sound I have connections to record elsewhere. Budget will vary depending on studio costs. 

If you want to record in my studio or if you want me to travel to another studio contact me and we'll take it from there.

Consulting (mix, master, production or just consulting in general)

€75 / hour. I can consult you on your mix, to let you know if I think you need to work more on it or if it's ready for mastering. If you hire me further down the road to work on your music the fee will be deducted from the bill. So if you consult me first you can decide wether you want to spend those €75 on mastering or mixing with me after we've talked. If you are unsure of what you need let's talk about it.