My music

You can purchase digital downloads on this website. 

Most albums are also available for streaming on all streaming platforms. Down below are a few links to the most common places and some information about my musical projects I've had throughout the years.

Niels Nielsen

I started releasing solo records in 2005. I started my own label and released 19 Eps to begin with. My first album "Numbers" was released and I bought a new guitar from the money I made (about $400). After a stream of albums and a few live shows here and there my focus shifted to Sansui Rocknroll and later Dead Soul. When Dead Soul took off in a very unexpected way it became my main priority for almost 10 years but I always continued to release weird albums under my own name to keep my creative brain in check. 

It's a mixed bag of sounds. It's whatever it is. I just make music.



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Haus Of Florian

Haus Of Florian is a new project of mine. I started working on music and ideas soon after we decided to put Dead Soul to sleep. 

After working with other people for many years I was excited to see what type of songs and sounds would come out of me on my own again. But not completely on my own. The project has an open door to other people and whatever happens happens. 



Dead Soul (2012-2021)

After a fruitful collaboration between Slidin' Slim and myself in 2006 we worked on a follow up album for Slidin' Slim that later evolved into something else. We formed Dead Soul and released two albums, a live album and a video concert recorded in live Studio Underjord. We toured Scandinavia and Europe between 2012-2016. After two sold out nights at Saga Teatern in Linköping and the release of the single "Upside Down" we decided to step away from the project for some time. In 2021 we announced that the band wouldn't continue to release music or play live. 


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Sansui Rocknroll (2005-2009)

Sansui Rocknroll was a collaboration between me and Henric Bellinger that started in 2005. We later became a full band and we released one album and three EPs. Pre streaming this was primarily a live band. The band played its last concert in 2009. The music is currently unavailable online but it's scheduled to be released at some point in time and space.



Joyce Depain (2002-2006)

Between 2002-2006 I wrote songs together with Josephine Magnusson inspired by Portishead, Pink Floyd, Pj Harvey and weird stuff you haven't heard about. We released 5 EPs that's never been published on streaming services since they weren't around at the time. The music is currently unavailable online but it's scheduled to be released at some point in time and space.



Early days (1995-2005)

As all young musicians you start bands all the time when you are a kid. I also released my very first CD by myself in 1999 under the name Nenia. I was in many different band. Everything from progressive rock to grind core to chip music made in Fast Tracker 2. Some of the material is mostly fun for me but will eventually maybe be released to the public in some shape or form.