My story

The (short) story as it goes

I was born in 1983 and I started playing guitar as a kid and I made my first songs in Fast Tracker 2 in 1995. Between then and now I've made a thing or two.

I'm 40+ now. For the last 20+ years I've been making music and I've been recording other people. In between I've been a tour manager for Ghost, keyboard player for In Flames, producer for MCC, co-founder and band leader for Dead Soul, backline tech for Den Svenska Björnstammen and much more. I'm a mastering engineer and worked on some massive albums and songs by Starset, Love And Death, Three Days Grace and many more. 

Oh, and I always kept releasing weird solo albums under my own name. 

In 2020 I built my own studio Nielsen Søund where I do most of my work. I'm a full time music producer that offer a wide range of services. Some people say it's better to focus on one thing but that would drive me crazy. So I keep producing, mixing, mastering, touring, writing, editing, you name it. It pays the bills and makes me happy.

If you need any of my services just contact me.

To support me as an artist, you can download my music or buy a t-shirt. If you need my services, contact me.


Niels Nielsen