2017 - Paramount People - The Cortina Collective

"One day I picked up my mothers old Spanish guitar. Funny how some instruments can give you songs. I hadn't written a song in years when I finally wrote 5 songs in two days. And then they just kept coming. I don't know what happened but suddenly I wrote a song every time I picked the guitar. And in my humble opinion one better than the other. So I made a list of all the songs I came up with. Then I picked a few and on January 1st 2017 09.00 I started recording my album "Paramount People". I spent three months in production and decided to never again sign any stupid contracts and just keep this thing to myself, doing it all by myself, all in favor of having fun and make it easy for myself. This album is that fresh start I so badly searched for and wanted in 2014 and I'm both proud and happy to say that I am more than pleased. In many ways this feels like my first album all over again. Just plain fun. And look, back to ridiculous track counts like in the old days."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/503MPRvkcKBicL4aIlu8mm
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/album/-/id1289771861


01. Paramount People

02. Rope And Noose

03. Bring Out The Guns

04. King Of Another Time

05. Social Currency

06. All Your Friends

07. Headlights

08. I Wanna Disappear

09. This Is Nothing

10. Urban Sprawl Begin

11. See What You Wanna See

12. Does It Ever End

13. With A Spin

14. Sylvia Earle

15. This Is The End

2017 - Collected Rejections 2005-2013 - The Cortina Collective

"After another few years of not being able to come up with any good music at all my reputation for some reason spread and I started to receive messages from people about my old records. Some of the songs were used in movies, tv-shows and commercials and all over youtube/vimeo combined with the fact that I had toured and worked with a whole lot of bands for almost 12 years started to pay off. In January 2017 I opened up a small subscription service at Bandcamp where people could pay $20 or more per year to subscribe to all my music and the response was just much bigger than I would ever have expected. And after being stuck in stupid contracts I was suddenly free to write and release music however I wanted. And with this new feeling I started working on some ideas I had in my drawer to form an idea about a new series of albums. But first I wanted to "close the book" on some old sketches and ideas that I had lying around since 2005 so I made another B-sides album called "Collected Rejections". First I thought I was going to actually record the songs but seriously who the fuck wants to go back to old songs when you can write new songs? Yeah. So I just put them out there, lofi as they might be. A collection of rejected ideas and versions for no reason."

Nytt omslag400jpg



01. Airwaves

02. Dpend (Original Demo)

03. Mouthful Of Diamonds (Phantogram Cover)

04. Sun Dazed Railway (Original Demo)

05. Whatever I Feel (Original Demo)

06. The Reason (New York Version)

07. To The Sun (Original Demo)

08. This Town (Unreleased Demo)

09. Shadow Twin (Original Demo)

10. Told Me Straight (Original Demo)

11. Trick The Fools (Demo)

12. You Should Be Gone (Original Demo)

13. Fuck You (Original Demo)

14. I Once Knew A Fish (Original Demo)

15. Thank Me in The Long Run (Original Demo)

16. The Birds (Soft Remix)

2014 - How Nothing Was Won - The Cortina Collective

"After a few years of not making music on my own I started to doubt this whole thing trying to make a career out of actually writing music and releasing records. I had been touring and working with a project called "Dead Soul" and even though we had a record deal and people seemed to love our music it just didn't really happen it felt. One night by my computer I was browsing my hard drive and found this old collection of songs that I did when I was 19. A young dreamer that wanted to make music for a living. 10 years later that dreamer didn't really dream anymore and I felt that the music that came out was just crap and this 19 year old boy was just a way more talented guy. So I decided to release that boys work "as my new record". I poured me a big whiskey and mastered the album with my Iphone earbuds and uploaded it. The picture is taken by me in Los Angeles after Ghost's first tour of the US when I still was a crew member. I dunno, I had been working so hard and so long to "make it happen" but nothing ever happened. Well that isn't really true, 'cos a lot of things has happened. But once you start to think the wrong way it usually spins fast in the wrong direction."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/3dPWgoNYxS8YOHF6PzXgr2
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/how-nothing-was-won/id1221386393


01. People Start

02. Coffee Cup

03. Translation

04. Music Box

05. Pop Is Dead

06. Vinyl: 32

07. Lost, Found And Lost Again

08. Sleep

09. Count It

10. People End

2013 - Rymdresan - The Cortina Collective

"When we released ATVID we played some shows and even if the record didn't make any big waves we did get some attention. Enough to be asked to make music for a documentary/3D experience about Sweden's own astronaut Christer Fuglesang. So me, Anders and Henric spent three months writing a score for the movie, and since people asked for it we released it under my name to go with my catalog. And even though this is not really an album of mine it made sense to release it as a part of what I've done. A smooth ambient journey through space."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/7scESiNUfsGzwv58JDp51y
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/rymdresan-feat-henric-bellinger-anders-ristenstrand/id1221392765


01. Fuglestart

02. Historian

03. Utmaningen

04. Uppskjutningen

05. Tyngdlösa Perspektiv

06. Inombords

07. Cupolan

08. Inombords Igen

09. Det Stora Perspektivet

10. Fugleslut

2013 - Atvid - Gaphals

"Atvid is short for Åtvidaberg. That's where I come from. The record itself has little to do with it but I've always wanted to pay some respect to where I grew up and where I learned to play guitar. So I made a synth record to celebrate it. Seriously, this record was recorded in so many versions and it's funny how it ended up being a very stripped down, minimalistic (in my terms) synth record. When it was released most people didn't get it I think. I remember this was the era of big EDM/House and music journalists compared it to Avicciiaiiaiia but without "that big sound". Hahaha... Well, you can't choose who's gonna review your music right? We printed black and white vinyls and made some silly videos. For a short time I performed with my two buddies Henric Bellinger and Anders Ristenstrand as a group (still called Niels Nielsen) and we produced this record together."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/14n50I68XthmmTNR1EtRNf
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/atvid/id913026974


01. Look Into My Eyes

02. Dpend

03. Sun Dazed Railway

04. Im Not Here

05. Whatever I Feel

06. Shadow Twin

07. Rocks & Stones

2013 - Dpend - Gaphals

"Preparing the release for my 2013 album "ATVID" included some singles and some remixes. Dpend was I song I had been working on and playing live for quite some time but never really made justice. I wrote this version in Gothenburg 2007 but never really figured out how to record it. Silly, 'cos it's such a simple song.  I made versions of it for previous albums but I just never could make it right. I'm not really in love how it turned out but anyways, sometimes you just gotta stop. I let friends remix the damn thing and we put it up as a single thing with all it's remixes. Very thankful for the remixes. Always very weird to hear your song through someone else."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/4mC5ARjMGx5PuqLVuLwwNr
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/dpend/id1252695543


01. Dpend

02. Whatever I Feel

03. Dpend - Den Svenska Björnstammen Remix

04. Dpend - Gros Remix 

05. Dpend - Konsensusdepartementet Remix

06. Dpend - Bitley Oh 80 Remix

07. Dpend -Mr Fusion DoReMix

08. Dpend -Gin&Gin Remix

2009 - Cmon Vultures Part: 1 - The Cortina Collective

"So moving to a small apartment with no heat in Sweden is just a bad idea. But that was what I could afford. I had to ditch most of my recording equipment and instruments so I started making music with drum machines and small keyboards in my apartment. I had no money idea how to "make it" in the music biz. I just kept on doing music. Funny enough some of the songs started to be heard in the US and later some songs from this record made it into commercials and TV shows all over the planet. But I seriously would have laughed if anyone told me that when I made the record. Big ups to my neighbor that never complained about me singing 3 in the morning for months.... I had plans to make a second part of this album and ... yeah well. Maybe someday."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2QaUHnaM4wBQ8GtWp3fQfV
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/cmon-vultures-part-1/id1221388632


01. A Wall Upfront And Some Wolves Behind

02. Tell Me Now

03. You Should Be Gone

04. We Are Youth

05. Same Old Sheit

06. Shape Into

07. In My Head

08. Absolutes

09. Routines

10. C'mon I'm Nice

2007 - C'mon I'm Nice - The Cortina Collective

"So after my first albums on CD and finally moving over to the digital era I really wanted to try to make an album on vinyl. I had bought a huge mixing console and I was mixing analog and wanted that cool 70s sound, even though I had no idea how to accomplish that. So I wrote some new songs in my basement studio exploring lofi indie music from Sweden and America made for vinyl. That's why it's so short. I released it on a Wednesday I think, digitally. And it never made it onto a vinyl. Someday maybe. "


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/6pfQetyAkeBL0Rj8TKD7yC
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/cmon-im-nice/id1221395479


01. You Are My Friend

02. Crooked One

03. The Reason

04. With My Guitar

05. Everybody

06. You Should Know

07. C'mon I'm Nice

08. Broken Pieces

2006 - Welcome to the promising land of hi5ers and hopeless people

The Cortina Collective / Saint Marie Records

"My second album was my first attempt to actually make an album. I locked myself in for 6 months with no money in my parents basement and recorded 10 songs about how miserable I thought I was. I wasn't. But I thought I was. I released the album myself and sold maybe 30 copies but it was later re-released by American indie label "Saint Marie Records". I guess they sold a few records. Maybe 100. Maybe less. I don't care. This was the time of "CDs DEAD baby" so it was mostly about figuring out how the fuck to get the album out digitally. I'm really proud of this little gem."


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/3ssZgngEyqVsKLV9JGqBlf
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/welcome-to-the-promising-land-of-hi5ers-and-hopeless-people/id1221...


01. You Are My Heart Come Home

02. Crawling Home

03. This Crazy View

04. The Birds

05. Step Aside!

06. Expectations Way Too High

07. Here To Be Screwed By The Book I Am

08. The Man

09. Gravity

10. You Won't See The Stars

2006 - Numbers - B-sides - The Cortina Collective

"When I had released my first album I picked up the crumbles from EPs and singles and made it into a B-sides album just to look cool. Some good songs in there though."

Numbers Front-400jpg



01. The heat, the birds, the drunk jerks outside my window

02. My Way

03. You Woke Me Up

04. Satan

05. See The Point

06. Split Fro Two

07. Peace and War and the day I got energy from a Queen

08. You see me through

09. Apple Or Wine

10. Apartment, Sex and Fastfood

11. The Fact

12. Panda (Dungen cover)

13. Paper Planes (M.I.A cover)

2005 - Numbers - The Cortina Collective

"This is really a collection of EPs I made during my early days. I spent most of my time in a little studio I built in my hometown Åtvidaberg and I released about an EP every second month. After a year I put them together to an album and called it "Numbers". I sold roughly 150 copies and bought a new guitar for the money I earned". 


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/5ssjh93vFE5GrQUkAEcndh
ITUNES/APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/numbers/id1213341347


01. Believe

02. Hard To Tell

03. Thank You

04. Clean It Up

05. Stop

06. Egotripper

07. Guess & Run

08. Cash King Experience

09. You Should Know

10. Deserve It

11. I'll Never Be

12. Happy Human

13. Waterpipe Hippies

14. Paycheck (Song For Thilda)

15. Paris & London

16. Bastard

 17. Plastic Bag

18. Shine Mister

19. Slice Of You

20. Shooting Dogs

21. Go Back

22. Paper Planes (M.I.A Cover)