The Flying Foxes Secret Society is my fan club. You heard me. I have a fan club and it is awesome. People are awesome. Over the years people have gathered up and supported me in the most significant ways. Some found me through my music, some through Dead Soul, some through my work with other artists. No matter how people found me - they have one thing in common. They are awesome. And they help me spread the word about my music and what I do. 

The Flying Foxes is a subscription service through Bandcamp where you can donate a minimum of $20 and get full access to all my music (unreleased stuff and early releases of new material). It's simply the easiest way to support me and get the full on NN experience.

If you wanna become a Flying Fox you can follow this link for more information:

The picture up there is made by a Flying Fox called Jillian. She and the other foxes are great artists on their own and sometimes the send me things. It's great! People are great!