with a spin

rope and noose

made you mine

game with knives

when what you think is good is destroyed , it is difficult to behave unnoticed

dont answer questions you dont know the answer to


so i let spotify analyze my 2014 music listening and come up with a list of songs that i might appreciate as an appetizer for 2015.

i hated every single song.

i’m very glad i have two ears and a brain and can make my own playlists.

this is what happens if you let other people dictate your taste.

– niels

first time in a long time

so you do music for fun and you get carried away, next thing you know you kinda make a living out of it so you do more and more and more and more and suddenly you don’t do music anymore. you do business and you work for others and your forget about why you started your band or started to write songs to start with.

today i visited two dear friends, markus krona and nicholas perry, in their studio to record a song of mine for a compilation their putting together. for the first time in years i wrote a song from scratch and just had fun recording it. for the sake of recording for fun. laughing and having fun with friends. we didn’t think about what anyone would think about the actual recording. we didn’t think at all. we just did something we loved.

it got me thinking.

why the hell i am not doing this all the time.

for some fucking reason this industry just kills me from the inside. labels, press, radio, charts, invoices (or the lack of them). in order to survive you have to put up with so much bullshit you just don’t wanna do it anymore. and i am one of the happy few who can spend my days in  my studio working on music. people say it’s a game with rules. i say it’s a game with knives. stab or get stabbed.

and the business seems to have been doing this forever. killing the fun of it all.


i am awake again.

thank god.

– niels


i didn’t mention it earlier, but my latest record was actually for the most part done over 10 years ago. i don’t remember exactly, but i think i started doing the songs in 2003 and finished them 2004. but i never came around to release them.

a few weeks ago i was listening to some old songs and found them. i still liked them, so i mastered them in my iphone ear buds and uploaded it to spotify.

you can hear it on spotify -here- and download it from itunes -here-


- niels

how nothing was one (new album)

i made a new album called ‘how nothing was won’ and this is the tracklist

people start
coffee cup
pop is dead
lost found and lost again
count it
people end

about 31 minutes running time
available in a just few days i believe

the reason why i am releasing this is because my volvo will die any minute (it’s a great car but it’s really not holding together anymore – its very sad the whole story) so if you have any money to spare please buy the itunes version when it comes out (if you like the music). i only have to sell about 300-400 album downloads to afford a newer (2001) volvo. if i could buy that volvo i would be the happiest guy ever. if you’d rather stream the album on spotify i would need about a few millionmegazillion streams to be able to buy the car. i do like spotify but it’s really hard to buy a volvo for the revenue. and we’re still talking about a 13-14 year old car here – it’s not a ferrari. so a few millionmegazillion streams … that means you have to listen to it a few thousand million times each and that seems a bit over the top. i like the album but it’s not that great. of course that was a bit humorous, my car is actually dying but that is not the reason why i’m releasing this album. but it seems that every new album release should come with a pr stunt so i thought this would be funny – now of course i spoiled everything, its quite obvious that i just want the attention.

though i would describe the album as ‘really good’ or ‘probably his best so far’. perhaps ‘stunning’.

that’s all

i’ll post some links when it’s out

yours sincerely
niels nielsen


i guess

Yes. i guess im back to the old www-world instead of facebook. Nice, cos I really hate facebook.


– niels